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We’ll bring the all the gear:

300w PA system – Electric Guitars – Electric Bass Guitars – Drum Kits – Microphones – Tutors

We have all the equipment needed to give you a real feel of being in a band. Great for childrens birthdays, Adult parties, Familly gatherings, Corporate team building and more. A large room or hall with seperate areas off it is ideal for a Rock Project Event, that way we can set up four work stations enabling the group to rotate around all the instuments in turn. The finale is for volunteers from the group to showcase the finished song as a band.

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Parties/ Events

We take a simple song , for example “Wild Thing” “Seven Nations Army” “The James Bond Theme”. The tutors then rotate the groups around the work stations (electric guitars, bass guitars, drums, vocals & quiz) giving everyone the chance to try each one out. We then have a short break for you to be able serve food after which we can sing Happy Birthday and put a final performance on of the song learnt in the workshop with volunteers from the party.

Important info: Parties are typically 1hour 30/45 mins with a 45min set up and pack down time either side. They are suitable for 7 year olds and up. We work in the surrounding areas of Machynlleth, Aberystwyth, Newtown & Shrewsbury. You will need to book a suitable venue (not included) Parties are priced per group size at £12per head for a group of 16 but we are flexible on numbers so please ring Lisa 07533 417 768 for prices.

Team Building/ Workshops

A similar setup to the parties but over a longer period. After the initial tasters on the equipment we then split the group up onto set instruments and continue with more detailed lessons and band practice. Dependent on the time period we may also work on more than one song again finishing with a band performance. The varying levels of skill within a group combined with the importance of being able to understand the needs of the other musicians when thrown into a band situation are what make the Rock Project workshops ideal for team building exercises. You may have to be a beginner again when you are used to excelling, you may have to take a back seat in the band where you normally lead, you may even end up being the lead singer and front person when you would normally like to follow. Workshops are priced per day and we are flexible on numbers so please ring Lisa 07533 417 768 for prices.


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