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All our tutors are experienced musicians and passionate about music, they are performers, recording artists, session musicians and university graduates. With that sort of background they have the knowledge not only to teach music but to get you performing confidently.

lisa wordley, guitar tutor vocalcoach rock project aberystwythLisa – Guitar, Vocals, Piano, Cornet, – began playing classical piano at the age of 9, as an accomplished pianist the timing was perfect to transition into a rock keyboard player in the 80’s. She was a member of many club bands in the south of England, playing both covers and original material. She played in various gigs from open air festivals for the “British Motorcycle Association” (AKA “The Hells Angels”) to London’s “Epicenter of Rock”, The Marquee Club.  Lisa also worked as a session musician in studios such as “The Crypt” used by Annie Lennox & Dave Stewart as well as other London based studios. She is also an accomplished Guitarist, Flugelhorn & Cornet player – having played in regional brass bands.Over the past few years Lisa has been more focused on her Guitar & Vocal technique and working as a sound engineer at some major music & arts festivals. She is also the person that is bringing The Rock Project to Mid Wales, she says “The Rock Project is an exciting and fun way of learning – music has been a constant companion to me through life”

rob young drum tutorRob Young – Drums: 14 years professional experience as a recording artist, performing artist, session artist, drum technician and tutor in both the UK and Europe. Former clients and customers include: Chief Superintendent for Swansea and South Wales Police, Sanctuary artist management , Sony Music Group , BBC Maidavale, BBC Radio 6,Manic Street Preachers, Super Furry Animals. Charlie Francis- Music producer for Turin breaks, The Foals and R.E.M. So you could say Rob is all about the drumz with experience in a varied range of music genres and styles he is currently dedicating his life to drum tutoring privately and with us at Rock Project

Mark Mooney guitar tutor aberystwyth, vocal coach carmarthenMark – Guitar, Bass, Vocals & a bit of Drums but will have a go at anything. Mark originally started on violin gaining a grade 3 before switching to guitar which he has been playing for 37 years. He has 3 guitars and one in pieces, mark loves playing anything but his particular favourite is the Epiphone SG.

Mark was influenced by Rock & Roll & the Beatles as well as quite scarily the Monkees & the Banana Splits, Fortunately he now prefers mostly rock, classic punk not really metal and occasionally has been spotted playing a bit of funk and reggae. listening wise he gets a bit more out there with Dessert Rock & Psychedelia.

Over 37 years theres been quite a few bands, Hectors House, The Ornamental Hermits, Snafu, Talsarn Folk Dancing Club Band, Landsker Line. Currently 3 projects on the go, one of which may or may not be called jelly Copter. Theres also been a few significant moments like managing to pull 50+ people while Nik Turner was on the main stage at one of the Harvest fairs, Playing to 200 at Aber uni. The most exposure was at the 2013 Bandslam at Mid Mad, They didnt win.

In the gig bag: Lots of wires and some pedals, with a big love for fuzz boxes, delays & flangers & of course gaffa tape.

Advise to beginner musicians: Believe in yourself but don’t be delusional, if you want to sing but just can’t, try drums or something else. opinions be dammed. The most original successful musicians out there are grateful for their recognition but the bottom line is that they don’t actually care if anyone else likes what they do.

Quick fire round: Real Ale, Both, Electric, Music is Music, CD, Neither, Digital but I could afford it analogue, 750 kwak.

Name: Jan 

Main Instrument:  Guitar

Other Instruments: Bass, Violin, Synth, trumpet/cornet, sax

Main style of playing: Blues, Rock, Folk

Age you started Playing:  9 years, in the local brass band in Flint, North Wales, playing cornet

Any particular reason you were drawn to music:   I think it’s the mixture of Welsh and Polish ancestry that caused it

Who influenced you in the early days:  We didn’t have a record player at my house, so it was listening to records at friends’ houses that introduced me to the Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Frank Zappa, Roy Harper, Stephane Grappelli, Stuff Smith, Jimi Hendrix, Gong, Steve Hillage, Can, Amon Duul etc.

Who influences you now:  Same as before, and people like Bruce Molsky, Ozric Tentacles, The Orb….anybody really.

Most memorable Rock & Roll moment:  In the Cavern, Liverpool, as sound man for Hieronymus Bosch 1972

Biggest tour/ band/ venue you’ve played with or in:  The Acoustic Festival of Britain 2008, with Jethro Tull, Bad Company, Marillion, Ed Tudor Pole, Jah Wobble……

Best band you’ve seen live:  The latest one?…..Hayseed Dixie, Aberystwyth Arts Centre 2019

Most important thing in your gig bag:  A towel and a bottle of fizzy water

If you could give one piece of advice to a young player what would it be: Practice, and play along while listening to your favourite bands

Dave – Guitar, Bass Guitar